BA- Product Description 1. Bevel Gear Box-WCB, SS316, SS304, Ductile Iron, Grey Iron Bevel Gear Boxes are usually made up of Close Grain Cast Iron. We provide range of Bevel Gearboxes found their application in various fields. However, bevel gearboxes offer low backlash and low transmission error for precise power transmission. These right angle gearboxes are uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of today, demands and applications. 2. Worm gearbox -------------Electrical Device 1. It is a rotary 90 for ball valve butterfly valve plug valves and other types of valve. 2. Special type can turn out more than 360. 3. Worm gear box adapts to I.S.O standard so that ia can change parts easily.. 4 Protection Grade can be IP65. 5. Housing of worm gear box made by casting, more over it bears up against thrust due to superior quality. 6. Our Input-torque from 170Nm to 150,0000 Nm 3.Valve Gearbox ------Manual Valve Device This series is a 90 otray for ball valves, butterfly valves .plug valves and other types of valves. This series is the gear box and worm gerarbox combination,i mprove the overall efficiency of machinery .compared with the double-worm structure,the same ratio and input troque and the output troque have greatly improved.
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